Dedicated to GOD (Our Co-Pilot)
and to My Fellow Airmen of the 15th Air Force Flying out of PANTANELLA AIR BASE
••••464th and 465th Bomb Group (H)••Canosa, Italy •1943/45••••
A Cyberspace Resource
for the
City of Gloversville, NY
and the Men and Planes
of the 781st BS - 465th BG
15th AirForce in WWII

781st Reunion
To Be
Prayer For Our Troops:
"Lord, Protect and watch over our troops as they protect us.
Hold them
in your loving hands.
Bless them and their families for the unselfish acts
they perform for us
in ourtime of need.

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A Glimpse of How It Was- The Air War Over Europe 1943-1945

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